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Sac Nicté, Chunkanán, Cuzamá, Yucatan, Mexico 97577

It was a pleasure to have been your first guests!  This place is wonderful. It is wonderful that you offer the village Chunkanan this great opportunity of intercultural exchange - as well as for us who come and visit.  Good luck with Sac Nicte!

Vesna, Kevin, Laura - 4/1/2008 (Germany, New York, and Mexico City


What a glorious retreat from the frenzy of Merida.  Just to breathe the clear air and listen to the birds is wonderful.

The pool is just enough exercise and justifies a rest in your hammock!  You have found the formula - simplicity and luxury wrapped into one.

Marianne and Jim Kehoe - 5/1/2008 (Merida, Yucatan)


What an incredible little haven away from the hustle and bustle of Merida.  And a great idea for us to bring visitors to escape the heat of the city.  So restful and enjoyable for birdwatching. I can't wait until next time.  So comfortable with all the amenities.

Tom and Debi Kuhn - January 2008 (Merida Yucatan)


Thank you so much for letting us visit your wonderful retreat. Sleeping in a hammock was much easier than I thought it would be - but maybe the margaritas helped!

The four cenotes (your pool being the fourth!) were the highlight of my trip to Mexico.

Alice - January 2008 (London)


Everything is wonderful, the quiet, the magical, brilliantly coloured cenotes, your palapas decorated with such care and so in keeping with the local surroundings.  How nice to have a pool, to lounge, to be lazy- and to have the warmth, friendship, and helpfulness of Santiago and his family.  Everything done with care and an elegant simplicity.  London seems very distant!

Ann - January 2008 (London)


You created such a wonderful place - it is inspiring!

You did it with so much love - I feel at home

Thank you for the possibility of me being here. 

Sabrina - January 2010 (Germany)


Thank you for building just the perfect spot to wake up!  It's a beautiful sanctuary.  I hope we can come visit for longer next time.  Many thanks to Santiago too!

Zora O'Neil - October 2010 (London)


Thanks Elizabeth for creating this lovely quiet getaway.  We really enjoyed our time. The cenotes of the area are lovely and the horse cart unique and bone jarring.  Fantastic!

It is a lovely community and we look forward to one day returning.

Craig, Kym and Tia - December 2010 (Brisbane Australia)


Sac Nicté was a perfect retreat, thanks Elizabeth for sharing it with us all.  Santiago was wonderfully caring, watching over us when we asked to do 'non-tourist' adventures in search of photographs and history.

Sue, Marcus, Hesse and Mercy - December 2010 (Aotearoa, New Zealand)


Muchisimas gracias for allowing us the extreme privilege of experiencing your magical Mayan Sanctuary!

The real world is but a faint memory when immersed in the natural, rejuvenating world of Sac Nicté.  I plan to share your beloved hideaway away with all my (best) friends.

Christophe Collins Lee - January 2011 (Merida and NY)


Thank you so much for allowing us the privilege of staying in your beautiful Mayan retreat.  We absolutely loved our stay here.

The cenotes were beautiful and Santiago was an amazing help to us.

The school invited us to their kindergarten graduation celebration and lunch.  What a great experience for our kids.  Our 3 boys played soccer with the local boys and gave us a run for our money.

We loved sleeping in hammocks for the first time, sitting by the pool and spending quiet time here. We loved the sights, smells and sounds out here.  our only complain is that we have to leave.  Thank you for accommodating our family.  This has been an experience we will never forget.

Jason, Kimberly, Julia, Hayden and Trent - Vancouver, Washington DC. (July 2011)


What a lovely experience to spend a night at Sac Nicté.  The smells of fragrant herbs and flowers, the sounds f birds and assorted animals.  Of course the ethereal surreal ride on Santiago's horse-drawn truck in moonlight to the cenotes will stay with us forever.  The aluxes seemed to e communicating with us.

Bob and Manju Hertzig - Merida/ New York/New Delhi (November 2011)


Our family had a great time while staying here!

My son will miss all the bugs and insects he saw ... and played with.

Don Santiago was great!  The food his wife made was excellent, and his night cenote trip was one we'll never forget!

Eugene, Katie and Logan - Denver CO (July 2013)


We are very grateful to you for letting us stay here on our last-minute notice.  You created a peaceful haven which allowed us to rest before our nuptial.  The breakfast prepared by Dona Celia was most delicious and Don Santiago has been just perfect.

Visiting the cenotes was a wonderful experience and our first time doing so.  Swimming in the big one was magical. Until we meet again, please be well.  And please thank again Yax Kiin for telling us about the village.

Carolina and Vincent - Washington DC - Mexico and France (July 2013)


Thank you for a wonderful stay in Sac Nicté.  We found everything extremely comfortable and well thought out.  There is nothing quite like waking up to all th wonderful sounds and smells.  Thanks also to Don Santiago and Dona Celia for making us feel at home and well fed!

I look forward to returning some day.

Marie, Raymundo, Jonathan, Rosey - December 2013


Thank you for letting us stay in your wonderful haven.  After visiting all those impressive mayan ruins, it has been really special to stay in a real mayan house!  We really enjoyed the pool and all the creatures living around, waking up with the symphony of birds, roosters and dogs is quite unique!  We even had a funny visitor, a toad who seems to really enjoy your bathroom...

The oval shape of the house, as well as the thatched roof, create a warm and relaxing ambiance.  We even experienced a big rain, very melodic, and the roof stayed dry!

Maud, Zephyr, Angus - New York (December 2013)


Our stay at Sac Nicte was fantastic. It really is a wonderful experience to sleep in the traditional Mayan hammock and it is quite comfortable!  We really loved the pool, and the quiet and privacy of the garden. Waking up to the singing of the birds was really enjoyable. While visiting mayan sites, it is quite amazing to stay in a traditional village and experience it first hand!  The shape of the house provides a very nice energy.  Unfortunately we could not try the typical mayan meal, but we loved cooking our meals in the kitchen and really enjoyed the oval room to have dinner.  Maybe next time!  The visit to the cenote by horse carriage is really a fun adventure!  And all that the region has to offer.  Thank you again for a great opportunity!

Maud - Airbnb (January 2014)


I had an incredible time here.  Meeting nice people in town.  Walking around.  Forcing myself to slow down my pace.  Many of the cenotes in this area are overrun with tourists, but Santiago will take you early in the morning, or late at night.  I spent a morning there and had the entire cenote to myself for over an hour.  It was incredibly peaceful. I hope to return again to Chunkanan.

John - Airbnb (January 2015)


Sac Nicte is an incredible place!  It is a true blend of rustic with luxury.  The pool is heavenly.  The kitchen is well stocked with all needed utensils ad items.  A very kid friendly space --- My three year old loved running around the large yard, playing with rocks and searching for lizards.  The pool is easily watchable form the kitchen.  Santiago, the caretaker, cut down a coconut for my daughter so she could drink the fresh water.  Watching the hummingbirds each morning was a delight.  Elizabeth responded to all of my emails promptly.  She was wonderful to deal with.

Elizabeth - Airbnb (January 2015)


On behalf of our entire group, muchas gracias for the much-needed tranquility and general ease for cleansing and relaxation 

Wishing you all the best.

Antonia, Fernando, and team of Spiritual Warriors


Thanks to Santiago and Celia for helping us have a wonderful stay at Sac Nicté.  The cenotes were beautiful.  What a treat to stay here.

Sheila Moloney, John Pruit, Ida and Willa - Rhinebeck, NY (April 2013)

Please tell Santiago we really enjoyed his home cooked meals and his guide services. Staying at Sac Nicte was the highlight of our tour. Thanks very much for building a beautiful home. Saludos, Amit Airbnb (December 2017)




Sac Nicté is quite close to Mérida and a few steps from the charming little village of friendly and kind people. What Elizabeth (the owner) has achieved here is worth visiting and experiencing. With her decision to create Sac Nicté she has allowed us the opportunity to enjoy a true Mayan moment, to live as they have throughout the centuries.

We slept in hammocks which was a surprise, but we awoke cured of aches, and very comfortable, and it is how the mayans sleep now. The starlit sky was fantastic, and sound of silence and the life we could not see, and which we usually do not think about.

The services that Elizabeth offers, with her caretaker Don Santiago and his wife, dedicated with care to make you feel the best guest, give peace and attention that you could not have expected, and more. The typical installations were more than adequate, with unexpected details, and a large swimming pool that is truly refreshing. I would have liked to stay for longer.

We should not forget to mention that this is the centre from where the famous trucks leave for the cenotes, an unforgettable experience travelling on the rails of the ancient henequien haciendas (from the times when nylon did not exist and were the source of work for so many people).

While you are in Sac Nicté do not leave without a day in the cenotes and caves, experience them, enjoy yourself, and return to become part of the this world, and prolong your experience and stamp it onto your soul for ever. All thanks to Elizabeth who is the one to whom I give thanks, and wish the best of luck. I hope to return soon with friends and my other children so we can relive this experience.

February 2015

Carlos, Sasha and Manuela - Airbnb - Peru (February 2015)


Thank you so much for your hospitality.  We have had such a good time that we do not want to leave.  Santiago and his wife are jewels.  We thank them both for their delicious food and attention to our comfort.  We are so happy Santiago made arrangements for the cenote tour for us early in the morning.  It was such an unbelievable experience! You certainly have created a perfect setting for guests.  We would be happy to reconnect with Sac Nicté.  Muchas gracias.

Heather and Louis - March 2008 (Rochester NY)

Deborah Simpson - Merida Yucatan


This wonderful haven your have created has given me such pleasure and a rich store of memories that will stay with me when I am back in the UK

So many firsts - sleeping in a hammock, seeing the delicate humming birds and golden oreoles, the mysterious cenotes and the many, many sounds of the night! Thank you for your generosity and hospitality, and for your creative imagination that brought Sac Nicté into being

Hilary - December 2008 (London)


This is a magic special place run by a very special person with great vision. 

May the trees and the vision bear fruit for many years to come.

Thank you for sharing the magic with us.

Refia - December 2008 (London)


What a perfect time at Sc Nicté.  The perfect blend of sun and shade, delicious food and gentle surroundings.

Everything so fresh and still peaceful. I am charmed and will I hope return again soon to refresh my spirit.

Muchisimas gracias

Laura - January 2009 (Merida)


Thank you for sharing this wonderful haven with us.  It has been an experience we shall not forget.  Birdsong, night sounds, birds, insects and a thousand unidentifiable things.

And thanks too for Santiago who has been wonderful in all his kind help, and the Poc Chuc was delicious.

Paul and Carol - February 2009 - London 


Beautiful property, flowers, trees, and the POOL!!!

How wonderful to be able to spend the night here, and enjoy the peace of this place that you have created.

Katrina - February 2009 (Norway)


What a marvelous time we enjoyed here in your beautiful,  peaceful home Our swim was just perfect and we enjoyed strolling the grounds and looking at the beautiful trees and tiny wild flowers.  Thank you for sharing this slice of paradise!

Kathleen Stein - Concord NH (November 2011)


Life is as good as it gets at Elizabeth's unique country home. What a treat to swim in such a long pool.  What a perfect place to ponder the fate of the world.  This is simple green living at its best.

Julie Hoover - Merida Verde (November 2011)


If there is a place worth coming back to it would be Sac Nicté.  "Off the beaten path" is an understatement!  It seems to us that this would be a great place to be if one was writing a book.

We are envious of your estate - too bad it is 6 hours from North Carolina!

Some of us had not slept in hammocks before, so it was a learning experience! Please let Santiago and Celia and their children know how much we appreciate their care, and their good-hearted attempts to teach us the Mayan language.

Cate and Tom Ponsonby, Diane and Bill Collins (December 2011)


Our stay here was delightful in every way....

The lovely setting, the privacy, and especially the hammocks!

Your vision of a Mayan get-away is truly realized.  Thank you for sharing your home away from home.  We wish we could stay longer.  Three nights is not enough!!!

Brent and Janice Williams - Wappingers Falls, NY (February 2012)


Sac Nicte gives a wonderful opportunity to experience the local heritage and tradition.  The location is perfect for visiting the Ruta Puuc and the cenotes.  The property is secluded yet very safe with a unit for sleeping, one as a bathroom and one as a living room. We recommend the cenote tour and finishing the day in the private pool of the property.  Elizabeth seems to be very supportive of the village and gives the option of a dinner and/or breakfast prepared by the wife of her great superintendent Santiago. We stayed only one night but one could easily stay longer at Sac Nicte

Francoise - Airbnb (August 2012) 


We loved it here so much that we came back, and this time for an entire week!  and to our surprise we see that your previous guests from Rhinebeck NY live only a short distance from us in NY.

Thank you, Santiago and Celia for a wonderful stay.

Brent and Janice Williams - Wappingers Falls NY (May 2013)


Our stay at Sac Nicte was a delight!  We were welcomed by Santiago who helped us set up our hammocks and got us oriented to the grounds.  The refrigerator was stocked with some fruit, veggies, eggs, and chilled water.  Each night we prepared a meal in the well-equipped kitchen with ingredients we purchased at local markets. We all enjoyed the experience of sleeping in hammocks and exploring the surrounding communities.

Laura - Airbnb (March 2015)


The village is lovely; a very gentle environment and Santiago the caretaker is wonderful and very kind.  There are three well-known cenotes nearby and Santiago can arrange for an evening trip there.  We didn't end up doing the tour as we'd had a long day, but we hear from others that it is wonderful. As for the house, it is comprised of three separate 'rooms' - a kitchen/diner, bathroom, and bedroom with two hammocks having mosquito nets.  It is a lovely peaceful space and the swimming pool is fantastic - a few small birds joined us to drink from it whilst we bathed - what a brilliant experience!  A lovely stay.

Matt - Airbnb (June 2015)


It has been a wonderful experience. The stillness with the sounds of the night creatures, the beauty in the myriad of stars, the hammock experience, the cenote and pool experiences, the talks with Santiago who told us so much about the culture.

Shirley - December 2015


Dos mundos completamente differentes

Sac Nicte was one of the highlights of our travels.  Coming to Mexico we heard many stories of the mayan way of life and spoke to mayan people from time to time. We never thought we would have the opportunity to stay in a maya village and experience it for ourselves. The simplicity and tranquility of the village and the houses was truly incredible. It is an experience we will never forget because it taught is that although we believe we need material things to be happy, the reality is we don't need to live with very much to be happy.  That is probably one of the most important things Sac Nicte, Don Santiago and his amazing family left with us.  Places like Sac Nicte need to be preserved because this way of life is something so sacred and beautiful but many people disregard the value this type of living has.  It was an unforgettable heart warming experience for us. We took a tour on a horse cart of the three local cenotes, sat under a sky full of stars, slept in hammocks and woke up to the sounds of roosters, horses, crickets, etc.  We had no need for air conditioning as the cooler night air and a little breeze kept us cool.  Many thanks to Elizabeth and to Don Santiago and his family.  We highly recommend Sac Nicte.

Carolynn - Airbnb (December 2015)

A perfect blend of minimal, simple elements oriented in harmony with nature.  Someday I hope to own a place with such a functional and beautiful energy.  Infinite blessings

Chad (September 2016)


Wonderful compound with all necessary amenities. We loved sleeping in hammocks and enjoyed the tranquility of the village. Don Santiago is a great caretaker.

Brigitte - Airbnb (January 2017)

Agradezgo la oportunidad de estos dias en este maravillosos lugar, donde poder estar cerca de la naturaleza y de mi espiritu.

Espero poder volver pronto a vivir estos momentos maravillosos.  Mi perro Frodo fué feliz tambien.

La piscina estuvo refrescante, sobre todo en la noche, bajo la luz de la luna y estrellas ¡ah! y los cenotes, que maravilla.

Rosario y Frodo - May 2009 (Merida)


Si quieren pasar un fin de semana sin igual, vengan a este lugar.

Estoy muy agrecida con Elizabeth por permitirme venir a disfrutar de la naturaleza, de los cenotes, etc.

Naomi - May 2009 (Merida)


Tienes un maravilloso y privilegiado lugar.

Gracias por permitirnos disfrutar de tu hospitalidad.

Gustavo y Genny - August 2010 (Merida)


La hemos pasado my bien y muy relajadas en Sac Nicte. Muchas gracias

Diana y Nadine - August 12010


Estuvimos une noche y estuvo maravilloso.  Fue una grata sorpresa estar en Sac Nicte.  Seguro trataremos de regresar.  Don Santiago fue muy amable y atento con nosotros. Gracias.

Nadine - September 2010 (Campeche)


Fue un verdadero momenot espritual con mi familia al que tuvimos en Sac Nicté este día, especialmente en estos tiempos tan dificiles en el norte del pais, que es de donde venimos.

Tuvimos la oportunidad de disfrutar una vez mas de la paz y la naturaleza que es tan especial aqui en tu espacio, en este tu pequeno santuario.  Gracias

Juan Garcia, Allan Drell, Aimee Theriot, Claudia Saldana - May 2011 (Monterrey Mexico)


Quelle inoubliable opportunité d;'avour pu partager ces deux jours de Noel avec Santiago et son incroyable famille!  Les 3 cenotes resteront gravés a vie dans notre mémoire ainsi que le train-traneau de Santa Santiago!  Djanmgo et Cannelle sont conaincus de vouloir exhanger leurs lits pour des hammocks.  Bravo pour ce lieu d'èchange cultural et encore merci pour votre acceuil et celui de la famille Santiago (Doña Ceia Tuvi, Sady Sidney, leurs meres, et tous les autres membre de la famille).

This was a wonderful experience that well compares with our 12 years in Madagascar and heavens better than Tucson, Az (our current home)

Denis and Lezlie Moriniere, Django y Cannelle - Tucson, Az  Christmas 2011)


Sac Nicté en un remanzo de paz y de contacto con natura, todo en un enacentro con las raíces de la cultura milenaria de los Mayas de Yucatán.  La sselva yucateca, las plantas endémicas, los cenotes y las instalaciones de Sac Nicté hacen de este centro un lugar con magia, unico en el mundo.

Roque Escobedo - Merida (January 2015)


Merci pour cette aventure.  Dormir dans des hamaco fue une experience tres interesante. Le decouverte des cenotes est un moment inoubliable.  Merci a Santiag pour su precieuse aide.

Patricia, Terence, Mia, Adam - France (July 2015)


El anfintrion fue muy atento, y nos dio todas las indicaciones necesarias.  La experiencia es increible ya qye estas en la selva, tiene una alberca con agua de pozo increíble.  Es un lugar que te permite descansar y vivir una experiencia única en un publo de Yucatan, muy cerca de various cenotes.

Paty - Airbnb (July 2015)


Te agradecenmos el haber pasado momentos inolvidables en "Sac Nicté"  Este lugar es mágico, y nos ha permitido tener un reencuentro como familia.

Ha sido una experiencia de vida estar aqui, visitar lugares mágicos, y estar tan bien atendidos por el Sr. Santiago y su familia.  Lo recordaremos siempre!

Yvonne, Javier, Gustavo y Francisco Javier Perez, y Bella - Naucacpan, Edo. de Mexico (May 2017)


Je met 5 étoiles a ce logement pour le côté unique et original de l’expérience. Tout correspond exactement aux autres commentaires et a la description, donc pas de surprise. Le cadre est très agreable pour profiter des lieux, très calme, piscine vraiment agréable, repas préparé pour nous et tous les ingrédients dans le frigo pour le petit déjeuner. Le tout au sein d’une communauté maya accueillante, et avec l’aide souriante de don Santiago pour tout le reste. Juste, prendre en compte que la nuit dans le hamac est ... originale ... et que vous serez seuls au monde le temps de votre séjour a sac nicte Thank you Elizabeth, we enjoyed our stay in your place and will keep a great memory of it.

Etienne et Lea - France  Airbnb (March 2018)

Thank you so much for making out stay here so wonderful.  We have really enjoyed the calmness and beautiful surroundings here. And it was a real treat to feel part of the community for the time we spent here.  We felt surrounded by so much positive energy.

Many thanks for introducing us to Santigo who so kindly invited us for Navidad.  We will always remember this special occasion with this sweet, fun loving family. We even got to join a service in church with them, with even another fiesta.  We also enjoyed the food you so kindly left for us.  We hope to return some day.  Many thanks

Maria, Joost en Kai - Amsterdam, Netherlands (December 2015)


Sac Nicte is a rare opportunity to experience Maya village life in a rural Yucatecan setting.  Mr. Santiago welcomed us to the property and took us on an early morning cenote tour.  We rode the horse drawn rail cart and enjoyed having the cenotes all to ourselves.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  The property is located on the edge of the village but is very private.  The swimming pool was large and refreshing on a hot day.  Both Elizabeth and Santiago were quick to address any needs or problems.  This property offers a unique opportunity to experience the Maya lifestyle and environment.

John Airbnb (January 2016)


Santiago was very helpful making sure we were comfortable, that we got a good rate for the cenote tour, found a place for dinner, etc. accommodations were rustic, as expected.  The setting was very tranquil.  The hammocks were very comfortable.

Dany - Airbnb (January 2016)


Thank you for a fascinating, memorable stay and experience.  What a unique place, and the cenote tour will be remembered for a lifetime.  Elizabeth's caretaker Don Santiago is a sweet attentive and friendly neighbour who met us at the driveway and led us in.  He checked in with us often, brought us a pile of fresh fruit, hung and rehung our hammocks, and took us on a private tour of the cenotes with his own horse and cart.  His wife Celia made us a delicious Mayan meal one night, which Santigo delivered.  The pool was refreshing and clean, and the huts very quaint and special. This is a very special rental you do not want to miss!

Randy, Maclaren - New Mexico and Isla (March 2016)


Very cool experience!  Like nothing I've done before.  Sleeping in hammocks was cool.  The caretaker Don Santiago is a great guy!  He took us on a cenote trip in the morning and it was very fun!  Amazing sights to explore.

Alberto - Airbnb (March 2016)


Great adventure and Santiago did a wonderful job of taking care of us!  Be sure to read the guide provided on how to sleep in a hammock.

David - Airbnb (April 2016)


Elizabeth's Sac Nicte Mayan retreat was a wonderful getaway.  Finding the place is an adventure in itself, staying there is another one.  We felt welcomed in the village and made fantastic use of Elizabeth's private pool.  Many fond memories  Thank you.

Karel - Airbnb (June 2016)


The eight of us came to enjoy Sac Nicte for the day.  We were "marriage cleansed" and my two boys were baptized by the Shaman

The ceremony was magical and left us feeling relaxed and free - and complete.  What an integral experience!  One of the best days of my life

Elizabeth was more than hospitable and extremely nice. She took so much care of the details of our special day!

Jessica Foley, Ryan Weston (Ray of the Sun), Eli (Serpent of the stone) - Grand Lake, Colorado (September 2016)

Thank you for offering such a magical place to travellers along their journeys.  This was an amazing stop and upon arrival, I immediately wished I had booked it for longer.  The space was tidy and organized.  The functionality and simplicity of your place is very inspiring.

We so greatly enjoyed your offerings of food, and were led on the most unique cenote tour by lovely Santiago in the morning.  I hope to return in the near future and see the evolution of the space.  The hammocks were extremely comfortable thanks to your article.  Also, they smelled really nice! Thanks for the informational binder, it was a huge help.  A million thank-yous to you and Santiago

Esperanza Nicholas and Sean - Connecticut, USA (February 2017)


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