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How to Sleep in a Mayan Hammock

To stay at Sac Nicté gives you an opportunity to experience sleeping in a Mayan hammock.

About 90% of our guests say that this is their first time sleeping in a hammock.  All of them say what a wonderful experience it has been.  They never imagined that it would be so easy, so comfortable, so perfectly suited to the tropical climate. 

When you rent the cottages at Sac Nicté, you will not find any beds.  Guests sleep like the Mayans in comfortable cotton hammocks.  In the photo above you can see the bedroom house with two hammocks prepared with their protective netting.

People imagine that it is impossible to sleep all night in a hammock.  We all know that you should lie with your back as straight as possible, so how can you get comfortable in a hammock?

The secret is to lie across the hammock, at a diagonal. The hammock gently supports the shape of your body, and holds you safe and secure, but cool.  You feel as though you are floating above the ground.

At Sac Nicté we provide large cotton hammocks, as these are the most comfortable.  During the winter months it can get quite cool at night, so we provide sheets, blankets and/or sleeping bags according to the temperature. During the cooler months, we supply rugs to go on the floor under the hammocks to keep the cool air down.

The cottages are constructed in solid stone, with palm leaf palapa roofs.  This keeps the temperatures down in summer, and up in the winter.

A unique opportunity on your trip to the Yucatan, to sleep in a hammock at Sac Nicté.  An unforgettable experience.

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