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Sac Nicté, Chunkanán, Cuzamá, Yucatan, Mexico 97577

Mayan Ceremonies at Sac Nicté

A Mayan Ceremony in a perfect setting.  At Sac Nicté we have a sacred circle that has been blessed by mayan shaman Yaax Kin.  Surrounded by natural stone sculptures, the circle is the focus of the traditional mayan ceremonies which are celebrated in their most appropriate setting, a mayan village.  Close to nature, close to mayan traditions, Yaax Kin's ceremonies follow the traditional format.  After carefully setting out his mandala, the coloured candles and flowers pointing to the cardinal points, red to the east, white to the north, black to the west and yellow to the south, with green in the centre, he invites the participants to welcome with him the arrival of the mayan gods.

The shaman then proceeds with the ceremony which has been requested - a wedding or renewal of vows, spiritual cleansing and healing, baptism….. the ritual always includes the burning of incense, local plants and herbs to brush on each person, blowing long and loud on the conch, shaking of natural instruments. 

Finally, he closes the ceremony by thanking the gods for being present.

After the ceremony, guests can eat a meal prepared by our caretaker's wife, Doña Celia, who will serve a typical Yucatecan dish in the dining area of Sac Nicté. The perfect way to spend the rest of the day is to stay on at Sac Nicté, enjoy the wonderful feeling of relaxation, fulfillment, and well-being produced by the ceremony.  And then maybe a late night visit to the cenotes, before sleeping in a mayan hammock, lulled to sleep by the magical sounds of the tropical night.

Sac Nicté is available for ceremonies only, or a ceremony plus a mayan meal, and also as a complete package - ceremony, meal, overnight accommodation, late night trip to the cenotes, breakfast.  Please 'Contact Us' for more information and prices.

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