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Sac Nicté, Chunkanán, Cuzamá, Yucatan, Mexico 97577


Who are we?

1.   What exactly is Sac Nicté?

Sac Nicte began as a dream weekend escape from my busy life in Mérida, Yucatán.  The dream was to live in a mayan village, build houses in the traditional mayan style, have a windmill to pump well water and a swimming pool.  To grow tropical fruit trees, and to have an oasis of peace and tranquility.  Be careful what you wish for, it might come true!  This dream come true gives you a unique opportunity to experience an independent stay in a private home, with no hotel staff or other guests to bother you, to live as though it is yours for a day or two.

2.   What is the meaning of Sac Nicté?

Sac Nicte is mayan for white flower.  Often sac nicté is represented by a white frangipani or flor de mayo.  Princess Sac Nicté was the daughter of the King of Mayapan, and was promised in marriage to Prince Ulil of Uxmal.  However, she was in love with Prince Black Serpent of Chichen-Itza.  Just as she was about to become the wife of Prince Ulil, Prince Black Serpent snatched Princess Sac Nicté away. They escaped to Peten, and created another great city, and this is how the city of Chichen-Itza came to be abandoned. 

What kind of support or services can I expect to receive during my stay?

1. Is there a resident caretaker?

The caretaker, Don Santiago, lives in the village, a few minutes walk from Sac Nicté.  He works every morning on the terreno, with daily maintenance, watering the plants, etc. and is available round the clock to help or advise on any aspect of your stay.

2.   What cleaning services are available?

The maid cleans the casitas every day.  

3.   What happens if there is some kind of emergency?

The caretaker, Don Santiago, is available 24/7, and can help with a medical emergency by taking you to the nearest medical centre in Acancéh.  He is also very familiar with how to cope with eg. an inundation of ants, and knowledgeable about local animal, reptile and insect life.

What can we see and do in the surrounding area?

1.   What can we see within walking distance of Sac Nicte?

The attractive village of Chunkanán has many traditional mayan houses with palapa roofs, an unusual small of church facing the green park, and because of the cenote trip, there are always many horses to be seen, either small ponies which pull the truck, or larger horses which are ridden cowboy-style by local youths.

Sac Nicte is set on the edge of the mayan village of Chunkanán, and the trip to visit the famous three cenotes by horse-drawn truck begins in the centre of the village, only a few minutes walk from the house.   

There is an excellent restaurant recently in the centre of the village, close to where the cenote journey begins.  Its palapa roof soars towards the heavens, and they serve delicious yucatecan meals every day.


The village of Chunkanán has a ruined hacienda, and fibre processing plant, which can be easily visited, giving you an idea of how the life of the village used to be.  The fibre processing plant was one of the last working plants in the Yucatán until hurricane Isidoro destroyed it in 2002.


2.   What places of interest are within an easy drive of Sac Nicte?

There are many lesser known cenotes becoming available to the public.  Don Santiago is the fountain of knowledge about local places of interest, and can guide you to seek out hidden jewels.  The mayan ruins of Acancéh are a half hour drive away, as is the archaeological site of Mayapán in a different direction.  The Lagunas of Yalahau are down a long and dusty track just past the village of Homún, where you can also find several cenotes.  The whole area has scattered villages with ruined or restored haciendas, and cenotes.


3.   Can you recommend anywhere to eat out in the village?

Chunkanán now has an excellent restaurant, El Dzapakal, a few minutes walk from Sac Nicté.  They serve a wide variety of delicious Yucatecan dishes, in a beautifully constructed palapa with a roof which soars up to the heavens.  


How do we find Sac Nicte, Chunkan?

We send you precise and detailed directions with your booking.  Sac Nicté is in the village of Chunkanán, 50 km south east of Mérida, Yucatán.  For public transport, camionetas leave Mérida for Cuzamá at frequent intervals from Calle 67, and from Cuzamá you take a tricitaxi to Chunkanán.

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